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Fuel Filter

Fuel  Filter
Fuel Filter
Product Code : 08
Brand Name : MICO BOSCH
Product Description


Filters are an important component in any vehicle and its importance is always underestimated. For cost reasons, many vehicle owners change their filters very few times than recommended by the manufacturer and thereby damage high-grade technical components of their vehicle and the jeopardising the occupants in the vehicle from harmful pollutants.
As a system supplier with expertise in the entire field of engine management, Bosch Ltd. and Bosch is aware of the importance of filters. Continuous activities in research and development consolidates the leading position and the competitive edge of Bosch Ltd. and Bosch and ensures further developments of innovative and environmentally compatible filters. The filter range is updated constantly to incorporate state-of-the-art technology.

Features :

1)Stable filter paper - Special micro-fibre paper impregnated with phenolic resin ensures high mechanical, thermal and chemical   stability of the filters resulting in high wet strength and stability.

2)Excellent contaminant separation - The porosity of the paper and an even pore distribution ensures that contaminants are well separated and gives low, flow resistance. Long life - The folded paper has a much larger filter area, which extends the service life of the filters compared to unfolded paper filters.

3)Excellent filter stability - Corrosion-resistant housings of aluminum, galvanised steel or high-grade plastic connections guarantee high mechanical, thermal and chemical stability.

4)Ultra strong housings - The aluminum and plastic housings are welded through CO2 lasers or ultrasonic and steel housings are welded through double flaring. This adhesive free process protects the joints from aggressive fuels, oils and extreme temperature changes.

Advantages :

 1)Prevents irregularities in the fuel-feed through well-proven technology and the optimum pore size of the filter medium.

2)Best suited for injection system since the complete petrol injection system is developed and manufactured by Mico and Bosch.

3)High-resistance against variations in temperatures and aggressive fuels.

 Types of Disel filter inserts ( in 1.1L and 0.5L)

  • Cloth Type (Primary)
  • Coil Type (Secondary)
  • Star Type (Secondary)


Available for Cars, LCV and HCV applications.